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SEO blog. All future studies, surveys and research will be published here, but if you want to take a look at the previous case studies we did you can follow the links below and read our findings: Ranking Factors Popularity and Weight Few weeks back we started a small study composed of several simple SEO questions, one of which was: “Which of the following have more weight as ranking factors?” with provided choices being: Website Trust and Authority, Anchor Text of the links, Link Popularity, Onpage quality and keyword relevance and Social Presence and Popularity. We took a slightly different approach with the survey, instead of upright asking to choose among the provided answers we asked people to give them a score. This provided us with an insight of what people think of each one of these factors and how much weight each one of them has according to the people that took the survey. Value of Link Placement We all know that links have different values depending on the websites they come from, pages they come from and of course placement on the page. As a part of our SEO Survey we had a question: “Rate the weight a link has based on its position on a page.” We wanted to find out what people, link builders and webmasters, consider being the best location for a link on a page. Of course this also requires diversity just like everything else regarding link building, but you need to know where to place your links. Domain Authority Factors As a part of our SEO Survey we took the time to take a closer look into one of the toughest ranking factors to score, domain authority. The thing with domain authority is that it is not all black and white and even the best efforts can reach a dead end. Well, that can be said for almost every part of SEO, but domain authority is something we all want in the long run and should pay close attention to legitimate SEO strategies if we want to achieve it. SEO Habits, Social Networks and Tools The final part of our SEO survey included some basic questions to get into the mind of the SEO’s that took the survey. The questions were intended to see what were the most used tools for SEO purposes, which social networks were mostly used for SEO (this was prior to Google+) and what type of content are these people most likely to link to. Filed under SEO Research