SEO Case Study

Indexation and Ranking Stability Case Study and they are: Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts chinchilla life span How to Deal With Small Black Ants in House small black ants in house How to Find Strong Dog Collars strong dog collars All of these articles were published on the 28th July, and all are based on low competing keywords with low search volume as you can see from the images above the difficulty was the same for all, a small variation in search numbers is there, but basically we had the same chance of rankings for each of these keywords. The idea was as follows, one article gets only promotion through social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Google+. One article gets one in-content do follow link from a topic related website. And the last one gets 3 links from known profile sites like About, Magnet and KnowEm, with text no longer than 100 words and an exact match keyword. We wanted to test the lasting effect of such links on indexation, speed, and how long it will take for the pages to settle in their ranks and how high can they go with various types if links and promotion, here are our findings. Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts This article was promoted through social media, 1 like, 1 tweet, 1 stumble and a +1. It was indexed first, after three hours we saw the page in index, keep in mind that the sub domain was created for this purpose only also on the 28th of July and the domain is also new, so there isn’t any authority to speak of. So we consider 3 hours to be great, the other articles didn’t do so well. First time we saw the article in index it ranked for the title phrase as 27th, now ranks as 2nd for the title phrase and for the exact match phrase “chinchilla life span” it now ranks as 10th. chinchilla exact week later Here is the graph of rankings from the time it was indexed up until now: chinchilla life span chinchilla facts ranks Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts chinchilla life span ranks Chinchilla Life Span As you can see the first three days “chinchilla life span” wasn’t ranking in the top 100 at all, but it quickly got to the first page and it seems it will stay there for a while as it has established a 9th, 10th position slider. This is only effect of good content without much competition and some social sharing. It helped the article get indexed faster and also settle its rank much faster than the other articles we tested. How to Deal With Small Black Ants in House This article got a link from a Get Rid of Ants website from a related post, so we have an exact match anchor text link from a topic related domain. The article appeared in the index after approximately 24h and it had a steady move forward. It now ranks as 19th for exact anchor match and as 5th for title phrase. ants one week later For the title phrase the article was indexed as number 5 on the 29th July and is still in that position, here is the graph for the exact match keyword: small black ants in house ranks Small Black Ants in House How to Find Strong Dog Collars The last article received three links, one from About, one from KnowEm and one from Magnt, all profile sites for brands and personas. All links are do follow, but it didn’t go quite as well as with the first two, namely the article was first indexed after 5 days, so it took time for Google to find one of these profiles and index them, or so we thought. With the ants website we got a link from an indexed page, and in this case we created new pages to host links, and Google hasn’t indexed any of them so far, and we are talking about well trusted and solid authority domains here. But the issue here is the number of low quality pages that these website now have in Google index, so unless you build some supportive links to these pages it may take quite a while for Google to index them. The best way would be to share those pages on social networks and in less than 24 hours these pages will be indexed and passing link juice. strong dog collars week later Anyway, after 5 days the article appeared on 1st position for the title phrase and 20th position for the exact match phrase, the article now ranks the same as it did when it first appeared in index, sole based on content, it is number 1 for the title phrase and number 20 for the term “strong dog collars”. We can deduce that social sharing helps greatly with indexation speed, and we all want our pages to quickly appear in index, especially if we are writing something news worthy, so this should be a steady habit for any web owner. Also, social sharing clearly helped the article move forward, as did the indexed link for the Ants page, which is holding its rank and it feels like it can only go up. Collar article is doing fine on its own just based on the quality of the content; once the links get indexed we will publish an update to let you know what is happening with these pages. Please don’t share or link to those articles until we conclude the case study. Also, another thing we noticed for all of the exact terms is that the search volume greatly varied in the last two weeks. Namely for “Chinchilla Life Span” the search volume went from 149,000 to 139,000 as it is now. For “Small black ants in house” the search volume went from 1,660,000 to 1,490,000 and for “strong dog collars” the search volume went from 1,140,000 to 1,270,000. We never noticed that Google updated the search volumes that fast, so this is a new SEO case study in the making for us, we will relate to the article from SEOmoz about influencing search volumes and how that can affect our brand reputation and mentions as well as authority. The bottom line is that this study is not yet over, these are just initial findings and we will post more after we have more data.