SEO Case Study


Does Article Marketing Still Work? What about Web 2.0 Properties?

Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts

In our previous study we only used social sites to promote this page, as you can see the only link this post has is the one from our domain that was added after the first part of the study was completed. At that time the post ranked 10th for the exact match phrase “chinchilla life span”. Now it ranks on the 6th position. We will create links from article directories to these page and keep monitoring the results.


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Indexation and Ranking Stability Case Study and they are:

Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts

How to Deal With Small Black Ants in House

How to Find Strong Dog Collars

All of these articles were published on the 28th July, and all are based on low competing keywords with low search volume as you can see from the images above the difficulty was the same for all, a small variation in search numbers is there, but basically we had the same chance of rankings for each of these keywords.

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SEO Research

Topic Research – Familiarizing with the website and its contents is important. Reading the existing sections, blog posts, and comments will give you an idea on what the website is all about. You will also be familiar with the different topics of the website and help you generate a plan for the future content for the website.

Keyword Research – Now that you are familiar with the topics of the website. It is now time to create keywords.

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SEO Case Studies

Why Do SEO Case Studies?         

As a company, this is one way to show your future clients and customers that you are serious when it comes to doing your SEO. For one, it is a place where you can showcase your expertise with positive results. This is where you can showcase the strengths of your company; also, you can show your weaknesses and provide improvements.

Using case studies also allow you to compare statistics between different projects.

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SEO Surveys

Purpose of SEO Surveys

From the results of your surveys you will be able to determine a number of factors you can use. Factors such as competitive pricing, search habits of people in your area, niches you can enter and businesses open to having their websites optimized.

With this knowledge in mind you can then adjust your strategies and techniques and open your expertise to a whole new niche where businesses are willing to have their sites optimized with minimal competition.

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