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Does Article Marketing Still Work? What about Web 2.0 Properties?

Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts

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In our previous study we only used social sites to promote this page, as you can see the only link this post has is the one from our domain that was added after the first part of the study was completed. At that time the post ranked 10th for the exact match phrase “chinchilla life span”. Now it ranks on the 6th position. We will create links from article directories to these page and keep monitoring the results. 2. How to Deal with Small Black Ants in House This post already has a link from a theme related website Get Rid of Ants, and at the end of our study it ranked 19th for the exact match phrase “Small Black Ants in House”, it now ranks as 11th. We will use Web 2.0 properties like HubPage and Squidoo to see how it will affect the rankings. So lets find out how influential article marketing and web 2.0 properties can be if quality unique content is used. We will try to find the most similar websites in terms of authority and popularity so we wouldn’t give one type of website an advantage.