SEO Case Study

1. Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts

In our previous study we only used social sites to promote this page, as you can see the only link this post has is the one from our domain that was added after the first part of the study was completed. At that time the post ranked 10th for the exact match phrase “chinchilla life span”. Now it ranks on the 6th position. We will create links from article directories to these page and keep monitoring the results.

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Chinchilla Life Span – Chinchilla Facts

How to Deal With Small Black Ants in House

How to Find Strong Dog Collars

All of these articles were published on the 28th July, and all are based on low competing keywords with low search volume as you can see from the images above the difficulty was the same for all, a small variation in search numbers is there, but basically we had the same chance of rankings for each of these keywords.

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When SEO research is done properly it can lead to several things. First of all, it streamlines the whole SEO process because the research data gathered will serve as the foundation for all elements in the plan. Second, targeting is much easier if research is done properly, why? It is because keywords that have been chosen will be effective and possible to rank high depending on the resources at hand. Third, the errors on the SEO process and plan will be limited and fairly easy to troubleshoot.

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SEO case studies will allow customers and clients to understand the effort you do when it comes to SEO. It speaks volumes on how a company performs their optimization strategies and its effectiveness.
Why Do SEO Case Studies?         
As a company, this is one way to show your future clients and customers that you are serious when it comes to doing your SEO. For one, it is a place where you can showcase your expertise with positive results.

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That is why it is important to conduct regular SEO surveys on the topics that define what SEO is all about. There will be a lot of information that you can include in your survey that will open the minds of business owners and website owners to include SEO in their marketing efforts.
Especially now in an age where most prefer to use the internet to search for something they are looking for, SEO is truly helpful to make your website and business stand out among your competitors.

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